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March 28, 2007



Sounds like Gottlieb wanted to go on a rant about "AAU" kids and had to stretch to find an excuse to talk about it.

on a side note: UNC was uncharacteristically cold vs Georgetown. Or, Georgetown was way hotter than average. I usually keep up the CBS stats page while I watch games and I kept waiting for Georgetown's fg % to go down. 8-14 behind the arc? I'm not sure you can gameplan that.

While I can empathize with Eric Montross as he about jumped out of his seat everytime UNC jacked up a 3 (when the prevailing strategy of feeding Tyler, letting him get hacked to death, and counting on him to make free-throws was working pretty well), if any UNC shooter would have gotten on a roll UNC might be in the final four. Imagine if Frasor comes in and hits two three's in a row in the last 2 minutes. It could have happened. It has happened. Although I don't quite see the logic of all of Roy's game plan (especially getting Ellison to take a running 3 pointer at the end of regulation), the reason UNC lost was that they just went cold at the worst possible time.


I always thought the extra games in AAU tournaments were to entice teams to travel there so they have a guaranteed number of games. Also those extra games give more court time to kids and what is wrong with that?

Having attended a few AAU tournaments recently I can say that these things are typically good experiences for most kids who otherwise wouldn't be playing basketball at this time of year. To take away AAU games would be completely retarded and cause a lot of issues with inner city kids who use basketball as a motivator to stay out of trouble. Gottleib needs to think of the bigger picture and realize the corruption of college hoops is what is having the trickle down on AAU not the other way around.


Ty Lawson did not jack up a 3 because he didnt care about the outcome of the game. He is a freshman, with little experience on such a big stage, and he probably just wanted to shoot it right away to give his team a chance to win the game. Shame on Doug. He is jealous because he knows Ty Lawson is a better point guard now than he ever was in college.


Nice point Katie.

I think it is important to remember how young all these players are.

I give college students a lot more slack. Even though I get frustrated when I watch games, I try to remind myself, "don't let your emotional health be affected by the whims of 19 and 20 year olds."

Joe Clancy

Is it true that Gottlieb was booted out of ND for stealing credit cards and cheating? Hey, kids make mistakes.

If true then it is one more reason to believe Vick can make a comeback. Time and a good PR person and Vick will be back.

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