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March 19, 2007



Your comment on how the age rule will actually reduce parity among NCAA teams is very insightful and is so true.

However, I'll play the devil's advocate: As the best players who would have gone to the NBA now go to the BCS schools, that means that some recruits that would have gone to BCS schools will now be squeezed out and will go to "mid-majors", thereby raising the talent level of the mid-majors too. So the mid-majors should be able to "keep up" with the BCS teams, and perhaps close the gap with the BCS schools, since they will have "BCS talent" and will have deeper rosters, while the depth of the BCS schools will be weakened by the influx of the big stars. This may be a stretch, but hey, I like to make things interesting and spark debates.

Tracer Bullet

I think this is all much ado about nothing. How many freshman this year would have gone pro? Durant and Oden, and Durant is already out of the tournament. How many guys would have made the jump in a given year? Four? Five? Certainly not enough to crush the dreams of every 13 seed in the country. Hey, it was a bad year for Cindy. Maybe the Selection Committee did a really good job. Maybe Cindy just hasn't gotten the bounces. Maybe, and this is the way I'd bet if I was a betting man, maybe sportswriters are fishing for a storyline.

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