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March 22, 2007



My favorite guard of all time was Pete Maravich. However, he passed away while playing a pick-up game with James Dobson in 1988. This happened one year before same-sex civil unions were first allowed in Denmark (1989). As a result, I think gay Danes killed him. Don't agree with me? Quit denying me the right to free speech! Fascist!

Tracer Bullet

I was going to mention Pistol Pete, too, but I wasn't going to be nearly as creative. I always did think those wooden shoes would the perfect weapon for a gay assasain, though.

I really don't care that Tony Dungy is a homophobe. I do care that he thinks such homophobia should be codified as law. If we're going to take our laws from Biblical stories, I'm going with Abraham and Hagar or perhaps the Song of Solomon.

Steven Davies

Your Sports Media affiliate elite review was very interesting.
If you have other posts please let me know.

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