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March 26, 2007



interesting analysis.

I've been working out an idea about why baseball is coded white while basketball and football are coded black.

I think land/acreage/fixed costs might be the most influential variables. Sports like baseball, soccer, and golf require vast amounts of land to play. Now, so does football, but football requires such an investment in equipment that it is hard to have a team (above pee-wee) that isn't subsidized by a school (and schools often have a lot of acreage).

Now, I'll admit that although this argument works well for basketball (little square feet and equipment required), it fails spectacularly in another sport: tennis.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this. But whenever I start thinking about the race/cultural base of particular sports, I assume that there has got to be more going on than what I see on the surface. I'll be quiet now.

Tracer Bullet

Under Marchman's calculation, white people, specifically middle-aged white men, have absolutely no capacity to relate on any level to anyone who doesn't look exactly like they do. At first I thought that statement was apalling. Now I think he's right, which is just as apalling but for a different reason. For a group of people who have dominated every aspect of this nation -- except for dancing -- since before the county was born, middle-aged white men are a damned insecure bunch.


Interesting radio show (15 min) on why less black men play baseball than whites (from WUNC).

interesting fact: At college world series last year, only 2% of players were black.


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