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January 24, 2007


Johnny Hatchett

Terrific entry.

By the way, Mike Golic hates black prep-to-pros athletes. See : http://johnnyhatchett.blogspot.com/2007/01/mike-golic-on-european-basketball.html

I've watched the Mike & Mike show once - & that was yesterday. One of 'em, can't remember which, asked Dick Butkus what would happen if a guy scoring a TD pointed at him, somersaulted into the end zone, and preceded to do a thirty second dance. Butkus gave the answer we might expect from a defensive player.

On Reggie Bush's performance : it's ludicrous that the sports media is : a) largely ignoring that Bush took responsibility for the point, flip, & dance and b) apologized for it and c) BLAME THE SAINTS LOSS ON HIS CELEBRATION. That final leap in logic - that the Saints were competitive with the Bears until after that dance, & the Bears thrive on being "disrespected" &, so, the Bears went on to blow-out the Saints because of it - is mind-boggling. I don't think that I've ever - EVER - heard a single TD celebration blamed for the result of a game.

Frankly, when I saw Bush's run, I was concerned he could have gotten hurt on the somersault, but all I figured he was trying to do was get his team revved up. Until Bush's scamper, the Bears' D had handled the Saints' O.

peace love gap,
Johnny Hatchett


What i found funny about that conversation was that a couple of weeks ago they both said they enjoy celebrations as long as they came after legitimate big plays.

Chamomiles Davis

I think this is just another case of Angry White Male Syndrome. Golic and Greenberg are no different than the other pontificating angry white males, like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, and Ann Coulter.


I remember hearing about the Starbury line. Of all of athlete philanthropy, that might be the most effective method...

Randall Monty

Have you sent this to the Mike and Mike show? At least the latter half? (They probably won't appreciate all the M&M bashing.)


Here, here.


These two are the worst for any number of reasons, but this one's as good as any. The whole David Spade/Chris Farley smartass wimp/dumb fat jock schtick is so cliched and annoying. They seem to talk less and less about actual sports.

Plus, Golic is STILL bitter that ESPN asked Kornheiser to do MNF instead of him.

They are the worst.

Johnny Hatchett

Mike & Mike have a pretty passionate following of haters, huh?


Great post - I'm thrilled I discovered your blog today. This is part of the problem with mainstream, national media trying to discuss events and people that they really don't know the details about, and don't bother to research. Not to mention their biases that you and some of the readers listed. And no question that there is a double standard between the NBA and just about every other sport, especially the NFL. Blogged about it a bit here as well:


this is why they rarely take callers on their show


This is a great post, especially all the information about Starbury's line. I had no idea!

I mean, what a huge asshole! Thanks.


Everything about Marbury's charitable work is irrelevant. When you make an arrogant comment like "I don't answer to nobody," you're an asshole. Period. End of discussion.


To Chamomiles Davis, who used the term Angry White Male Syndrome, are you as quick to label the black analysts, who consistently use the race card in every argument they make, as having Angry Black Male Syndrome. Just curious.


J, this is a great post which I wish I read before I did a couple of articles on Starbury.

It pretty much nails the problem. Athletes are judged on how much reporter ass that they kiss!

PS: Scott is an asshole

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