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April 05, 2007


craig henry

Great find.

Don't you think the same is true with football broadcasts? The guys calling the game with toss around stuff like "Tampa 2", "zone blitz", etc. But it is rare for them explain or analyze what it means.



I think football commentary is even worse.

How many times have you heard:
"zone blocking"
"downhill running scheme"
"cover 2 (or 3)"

without an explanation?

I don't doubt that they know what these things are, but they can't put them into context. That is, they can describe them, but they can't analyze them (state the relationship between different strategies and explain how they contribute to the whole gameplan). When "analysts" can't analyze, it's time to turn down the sound and turn up the radio...


I doubt we'll ever see and improvement in television analysis...they keep it simple and try to entertain the greatest number of folks. But there is hope for written critique like the one you posted. Have you found any other sources where, after you finished reading them, you came away feeling like you learned something?

From what I've found there's lots of smart stuff being written on the stats side of hoops analysis. And I like David Thorpe on espn for his trainer/scout perspective.

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