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March 12, 2007


Matt C.

I knew that the news of Isiah getting signed to a multi-year deal would not be good, but expected some good reading out of it!


re: countdown clocks.

I agree. Shameless promotion.

They should be reserved for:
(1) New Years Eve
(2) microwave popcorn
(3) the apocalypse


This shows that James Dolan is just plain lazy. He knows the talent on the roster isn't good enough to be a top 4 team in the conference (even in the Leastern Conference), so why go through the hassle of finding a new coach and then having to deal with the criticism and cries from the NY sports media. Now, if he would only be this lazy about his Cablevision empire....we never would have had the YES mess.


Knickerblogger has the same thoughts as me: "...the veteran coaches who might take the New York job without demanding the same prima donna treatment as Larry Brown, like Rick Carlisle, Doc Rivers, Terry Stotts, Mike Dunleavy, Byron Scott, etc. are themselves mostly piloting ships at various stages of submersion. Any of those coaches might improve the Knicks at the margins but none would be considered even money bets to fundamentally alter what this franchise can aspire to."


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