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February 25, 2007



Though Schil can be a bit much at times, his accessibility on SOSH has been a very unusal treat during a period when contact between athletes and fans is so heavily mediated (so to speak). Boston legend has it that was only upon stumbling across SOSH and catching a peek at what baseball is to Boston that he decided to accept Epstein's offer (the 13 mil probably had something to do with it, too). Then there was a period of time when Schilling would go online and break down his performance the day after he pitched. It was amazing. And then this once he got into wild conversation with stat guru Eric Vann on whether Schilling's slide step was helping and hurting. As a fan and a low-level SOSHer, I found such occasions to be wonderful for their content, for their total authenticity, and for just how rare they are. There's no doubt that Schilling is guilty of occasional self-promotion, but he deserves some credit for the level of accessabilty he provided to Boston fans.


Boston baseball writers should be appreciative of covering the Red Sox -- not self centered and negative about all involved -- including Sox Fans, and especially their own readers. Maybe Dan should be covering KC or Tampa Bay.

Elvis Elvisberg

Goerge Castle really has a point.

Tony Kornheiser is pretty good at what he does, and he's pretty entertaining.

But he's not particularly knowledgeable about sports.

Early in the playoffs last year, he said something along the lines of that he didn't know who any of the pitchers on the Tigers were other than Kenny ROgers. I might be misremembering a bit, but it was something like that.

Now think about that. This is a team with Bonderman, Verlander, Robertson, Zumaya, and Rodney (plus Miller, Sanchez at the time in the minors...).

I mean, it's one of the most exciting young staffs in baseball. And ESPN's most prominent yakker can't be bothered to learn who they are.

Sportswriting is in a lousy spot right now. Everytime you turn on ESPN, there's some Jay Mariotti or Stephen A. Smith yelling his head off about some half-baked controversy, usually having nothing to do with sports-- as jfromta writes, you have to look far and wide to find discussion that has to do with what's actually happening on the field.

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