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February 20, 2007



I must say I'm interested in the metrics behind this study. How do they define cheating and what are there methods for discovering such cheating?

I'll have to dig around their site and see what I can find.


How about when a high school football player files their helmet buckles to razor sharp edges?


Scary thing is that I can remember more than one story about razor sharp helmet buckles, I just can't find them right now...


I was disgusted with #92 Harrison of the Steelers who provided you with documented footage of a "Rodney King beating". Since you have taken no action against this thug, I must assume you approve of such professionalism exhibited on national tv. Hence, your organization is disgusting as well!!!
$1,000,000 fine and suspension of 5 games is truly and appropriately warranted.
This a kind way of discipline for an individual who should banned!!

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